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hi, im 13 years old and i'v been dealing with things i feel i should have to deal with... So awhile back something happened to me and its caused alot of trouble in my house and all the pressure has seemed to come down on me and iv been having outbursts of anger all the time and every little thing annoys me... like... when my sister constantly pops her finger, or when i try and sleep at night and i hear noises that make me go off, when someone does something just to annoy me... anything relating to those things makes me want to hit something and it makes me so mad and i know better than to punch a hole in the wall or my sisters face so i dont i simply find something to throw... What makes it even worse is that i have a step-monster and she is absolutely crazy and seems like she hates my guts and my dad is never home to realize it and when he is step-monster is "step-angel" When things happen i start to feel my heartbeat quicken and i get this feeling that makes me want to scream. I want so badly to have someone who would know why all the sudden this is happening i thought it could be my period but its not that or else this would have happened a while back right? Or i thought i could be bi-polar cause of all the mood changes and the screaming because my dad had the same issue when he was younger and my grandpa was the same way so i thought it ran in the family? Should i see someone to talk it over and get help? Or is this a "phase" and will pass soon and i wont be so angry all the time? Help please


Hi! I think you should talk to your dad about how you feel. If you have to go through anger management therapy or you would need professional help, then your father can decide things for you before it's too late. Good thing is you are able to acknowledge your outbursts of anger. Sit down and talk to your father about your situation.