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I am 14 years old and I can barely see the start of hairs in my armpits, however I do have a lot on my arms and legs, but not dense. I have a bit of hair around the pubic area but very few on the scrotum. I've been having a hard penis about every day to every other day for about a month and a half now. However, yesterday was the first time I noticed it was sticky and noticed that there was a thick milky substance on the tip. That happened twice yesterday. Now, my tip is irritated and is uncomfortable when it touches clothes.


Hi Guest,

Yes, you are in puberty.  The pubic hair is a clear indicator.

You'll get more hairy as you get older.  Everyone develops differently so don't compare yourself to your friends.

An erection is NORMAL.  You can get them for no real reason.  As you get older, you'll learn to "control" it more.

The thick milky fluid sounds like semen.  It's normal for the tip to be sensitive as it touches things.  You'll outgrow that as well.

You're very NORMAL.