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Hey. I’m 14 (male) and am quite worried I will never hit puberty... when I masturbate urine comes out, my voice hasn’t deepened, I have a small penis, I can’t tell about my testicles, I have some pubic hair, barely any arm or leg hair, I am very small but I have started to get some blonde hairs in my armpits... am I going through puberty!?


Hi Guest

You have started puberty the pubic hair and the underarm hair are signs it has started.
The urine that comes out is it clear and kinda sticky?
How much comes out when it happens?
Why can't you tell about your testicles can you feel both of them in your scrotum?
As you continue to go through puberty your penis will grow it sounds like you are developing just as you should be you just need more time to grow and develop.