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I'm 12 and I have ALOT of pubic hair around my penis and anus and some armpit hair. My penis hasn't grown and my voice hasn't cracked and it's really high and I get called gay sometimes. I really don't want all of this hair because none of my other friends have it and it's a bit embarrassing. I also don't have any sperm and some of my older friends say they do and I don't think they have as much pubic hair as me. I'm also circumcised which my friends aren't and they usually laugh or tease me about it and one of my balls hangs lower than the other one. I'm a bit worried about that as well. I don't want to talk to Mum or Dad about it. So please help me out if you can! :)


Hi Daemon,

You can't do much about the hair, it's ALL NORMAL.  As you get older it happens.  You can't do anything about the circumcision either, just accept it.  It's also normal for one testicle to hang lower than the other.

Everything sounds normal.

Your voice will change when it is ready, not before.  You'll ejaculate when your body is ready, it should be soon.

Don't compare yourself to others.  More likely your "friends" are jealous of what's happening to you.  They see your reaction and like to tease.

You're very normal.  Hang in there.