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In 13 and most of my friends have pubic hair and stuff, but I'm worried I won't hit puberty. I masturbate and every now and then a clear sticky liquid will come out, but it isn't semen. And I have no penis growth, my penis soft is about an inch and a half, and hard im about 3.5. I have no armpit hair, but I do have curly hair in my ballsack, none above my penis, only black hairs are visible at an angle but they are very tiny. Any answers would make me feel great because this is very stressful and gives me tons of anxiety, thanks.


Hi Quinn,

You ARE in puberty.  You have some hair on your scrotum, that's OK.  We don't all develop at the same rate or time.  You can also ejaculate.  When you first start to ejaculate your semen is clear and sticky.

3-4" is average for a 13-14 year old.  Armpit hair often comes in later, even after 16-17. 

Not all guys get very hairy, some never do, and others it just takes a while.

Don't compare yourself to others.  YOU ARE NORMAL. 

Hope it helps.



Hi Quinn
You have definitely started puberty the bit of hair and the clear liquid confirms that.
Your size is fine for your age there can be a huge difference in size among guys the same age but for just starting puberty your size if okay.
Everyone grows and develops at different rates and times you are a long way from being done growing it will get bigger.
It sounds like you are developing just as you should be maybe a bit behind some of your friends but probably ahead of some also.
Try not to worry your developing normally.