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my period started on 11th and i had sex with my boyfriend on 15th , 21st and 22nd . each time i took 1 ipill :-( , but on 22nd blood came out , and continue for next 2 days , with pain in tummy , it was reddish in starting , but after 1 or 2 days it was something like brownish :-( , i don't know may be he pushed penis hard or somethingelse :-( , can't figure it out .

again on 4th( of next month) we had sex :-( , and this time i forgot to take ipill , but he ejected out all his liquid(i don't know what we call it , it was white in colour ) outside vagina

now a colourless liquid comes out automatically even if i'm thinking nothing :-( , i didn't have period yet its 15th of next month , please tell me , am really scared :-( , what to do ? how to avoid pregnanCY if i am ? :-(


take a pregnancy test... if your pregnant you cant change that unless abortion but thats ur dicision..
use protection next time.... ;-)