Okay, well i had unprotected ssex about 5 times, and he didnt pull out 3 times. Im informed that precum can get you pregnant. The first time he came in me was the 21st of april, and he didnt pull out. It happend again on the 22nd and 25th. I took a pregnancy test like around 10am on the 7th of may. And it came out negative. I had sex again on the 11th of may. And i was suppose to get my period yesterday the 11 of may, but i didnt. The last time i got my period was the 13of april and it eneded on the 18th. Im about 2 days late . Yesterday morning i was very dizzy, and i would black out everytime i got up and it happened today again, i think its normal tho because im always dizzy. And today, may 13th, i had a white liquid come out of my vagina, it looked kinda like milk, does it mean my period is coming soon? Cause i dont wanna waste another pregnancy test cause i know im not pregnant...i mean thats what i wanna think. By the way im 19. Thank you!