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I really don't like asking this. I'm 15 yrs old, and I would talk to my mom about it, but I'm not completely sure and I don't need her getting freaked out.

so on the 15th of July my boyfriend and I were messing around. I remember touching the tip of his penis, it was moist but I lick my fingers afterwards. It wasn't that much at all, just a little wet, I didn't think that much of it because he never ejaculated. then we made out for a while and Im pretty sure I touched myself with the same hand, I didn't stick anything in though, i just rubbed the clitoritis. I was very wet, but im almost positive my fingers were dry, and positive he never touched his penis before he started fingering me, but then he started going down on me. im scared because i had put my fingers in my mouth when they were just A LITTLE moist with precome, so little that i think it might have dried on its way to my mouth from his penis.

thats all we did. we've never had sex before and this was the first time he fingerd me. after he did it, I got this weird cramping in my stomach. I'm terrified, could that little bit of precome gotten me pregnant?

it's weird though, because the next day I got my period, I wasn't expecting it, it was maybe a week early, a little heavier than usual and only lasted about 4 days. since then my stomach has been feeling so strange, i've had some headaches, sometimes i get this really bad cramping which i've never gotten before. im a little gassy which i never am, my back aches, alot of my muscles are sore, and my breasts are so tender, they feel and even look a little different. I've NEVER had tender breasts. these can't be related to my period because they started right AFTER my period ended. sometimes I feel like i am making myself sick whenever I think about it, i know that its unlikely that i am but i have trouble sleeping, it is always on my mind. whenever im not thinking about it, i feel a little better though, but im still paranoid, and scared to death. Should I just until next month and see if I get my period or not? what if I dont? im always a little irregular though. AND if im not pregnant why do I feel this way? could I just be paranoid because im becoming sexually active for the first time?

thanks in advance and im sorry this is so long.


i'm really scared that i might be pregnant as well, but by me it is from actual sex without protection. i am 15 too, by the way. people on this website kept telling me to take pregnancy test, even though i only had sex like 3 days ago. so i guess you could wait until next month or take a test. and in case you are not pregnant, maybe you are just getting a virus. a normal one. i would do this; wait till next month, then see. if u don't get ur period, take a test. (and if u rly have sex by then, use protection. i didn't and it was amazing, but now i have hardly slept worrying may be pregnant, so trust me, it ain't worth it) if the test is positive, well, that's most likely your answer. if it isn't, u could tell ur mom the symptoms u r having. u don't need to tell her about the fooling. maybe she has another solution and if whatever she recommends doesn't help, maybe then you should tell her. i mean, maybe you could have a sexually transmitted disease or something. ask ur bf how HE is feeling. is he ill? does he have any symptoms?

another possibility is of course, that your hymne was broken and your body need to get used to it.

hope i could help!