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So my period came on and lasted got three days it was a mild to extremely light. My boobs are extremely tender and I have the worse stomach cramp on my lower right side. My lower back hurts and I get random nauseous feelings when I eat, EVERY TIME! Yes, my stomachs sort of hard and yes, my boyfriend and I have unprotected sex and having a child doesn't bother me. I just want honest opinions. Thanks.


Unprotected sex leads to pregnancy most times.


Okay, so, here's my story; March 5th, I went to the Doctor because I hadn't had my period in a little over Two Years and I wanted to get it back on track blah blah blah, the Doctor Prescribed me The Pill. I started it that day at 5:30 p.m. I then took it everyday at the same time, as instructed. Up until March 17th, which is when I had my first period in two years, it lasted4 days. I stopped The Pill the day I started my period, March 17thdays after I finished my period, my boyfriend and I were back to our unprotected sex. Which we had lots of, through out the rest of March and April.
I haven't had my period since last month... of course, I knew, in the back of my mind, there was OBVIOUSLY a possibility I would get pregnant, since that's what unprotected sex gets you. So, I calculated the days until my next period... a rough guess. Around the time I thought I was "supposed" to get my period, I went out and bought a pack of 2 HPTS... Anxious, nervous, and excited all at the same time, I took one of them AS SOON AS I GOT HOME FROM THE STORE. I really didn't have to go at the moment, so I peed (what little I could) into a cup... I was so nervous that I hurried and threw the cap on and threw the test into my purse.. of course I checked it before I left... NEGATIVE. My heart sank a little.
It's not that my boyfriend and I are "trying" for a baby but we both want a baby and we aren't exactly doing ANYTHING to PREVENT a baby.
I decided that maybe it was "too early" for me to take a test and decided to wait and take the other one a litter later in the month... and that is what I did, waited out a week or so... I woke up one morning, my boyfriend wasn't home, it was my perfect opportunity to take it really quick.. w. my "first morning pee". That everybody claims is so much better to take it w.
This time I just peed directly on the stick, hoping I didn't "mess it up"... I sat it down on the counter next to me, face up... watching as the test started to "evaluate" my urine.. ANOTHER NEGATIVE.
At this point, I'm just convinced that I'm not pregnant and my periods just decided to "vanish" from my life once again... I was ready to give up on my "being pregnant".
That was until I started noticing that I was actually having a few "pregnancy symptoms"
1. Moody, emotional, etc... and then some. I have been a moody, emotional mess! I literally have NEVER been this emotional in my entire life. I cry for no reason, I get upset for no reason, then I'm happy as ever... it's a little ridiculous.
2. Change in appetite... I went from being Hungry all the time, to having to force myself to eat... even when I'm actually hungry. Even when my stomach hurts from hunger, I gag at the thought of food... itself. Even food that I would normally enjoy, I have to basically shove down my throat.
3. "Morning Sickness"... It isn't just in the morning tho. I have random spells of nauseousness through out the day. It does tend to happen more when I first wake up tho.
4. More Frequent Urination... oh. my. goodness. I pee so much, my boyfriend even took notice. WITHOUT ME EVEN HAVING TO SAY ANYTHING.

I think that about covers everything. If you could provide me w. any information, helpful tips, etc... they all would be GREATLY appreciated.