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Hello Everyone !

I am very concerned about getting pregnant .
My boyfriend and I have been having sex sence August of 2009 .
We don't use protection , We have been together for almost 3 years , We plan to get married this upcomming July After we graduate .
Already have an Apartment , And both work ,

^ Just including that because i'm sick of people saying
"Are you stable"
"How do you know you guys are going to last"

Blah blah , stuff like that .

I'm worried that I can't get pregnant .
When i was 13 , I did get pregnant , I was with the guy for over a year , I was stupid and didnt use protection , I am against abortion . But i was just way to young , and i couldnt have a baby at 13.....

But now , Im more stable , Have a house , A job , Finish school in June , And my boyfriend and I have been ready for awhile . I calculate my ovulation and stuff like that , But it still hasnt happened..... Its kinda of depressing... :/

Any suggestions ?


One of my friends and her husband suffered from the same thing. They tried to conceive for over a year and finally both went to get checked out by a doctor. The doctor told them that smoking decreases your chances of getting pregnant dramatically, especially in women. They were both smokers and immediately quit after finding that out. They also were under a lot of stress with work and just everyday life. Stress can also cause a miscarriage. She also started taking fertility drugs which she was prescribed. My suggestion would be to try and relax and relieve some stress out of your life. Not sure if you're a smoker but if you are I would consider quitting. It might be a good idea to both go see a life counselor and start fertility drugs. My friend and her husband became pregnant less than 4 months later. Good luck with everything hope this help. :-)


Yes , That does help .
Thank you .

Neither of us smoke . Although , My parents and his parents smoke , And we just recently moved out .
Could second hand smoke effect that ?


Hello everyone! I am in the same situation as SamMarie and I understand. It gets soo frustrating! :( My boyfriend and I have been together for a year now and we want to have kids. But here is the story. I haven't had my period since September 17th, 2010. And we had a pregnancy scare. At first I was scared but then happy. Then we decided that we really wanted a baby. But I took a HPT and it was negative. ALL 4 of them were. :( So even though my period was MIA we started having unprotected sex every night for the past week and a half, trying to conceive. I used to smoke but as soon as I made this decision I quit smoking. But my boyfriend hasn't quit and I'm wondering if that is a contributing factor to maybe why we haven't conceived yet :/. We are really desperately hoping for a baby but like I said my period is MIA. I am having the symptoms of missed period (over 60 days late), constant hunger, a little weight gain, sore breasts, my stomach looks like it has a baby bump, i have a stuffy nose but i'm not sick, I threw up a few times, I've had some cramping in my lower abdomen, I've been very moody and I start crying for no reason, mood swings, and I already went to the doctor and had a blood test taken and they said I wasn't pregnant but I just have a gut feeling that I am. Maybe my HCG levels aren't high enough to detect?? Please help me here!!! Thanks!