Hi I'm really freaking out about how I may be pregnant. My period was supposed to start on July 30 and end August 3 as it shows on my period tracker app. However I didn't start my period and I had anal intercourse on July 31 a day after I was supposed to start my period, my bf had ejaculated in my butt. Ever since the intercourse I have been worried and stressed over the fact I could be pregnant for my period hasn't come. This morning (August 4th, 5 days late for my period) I started having severe cramps in the usual area and my lower back. However ever since my car accident and lower back surgery cramps always followed into my back. I did have one time where it was an irregular period so I just assumed it was irregular this time too. So after taking a pill for my cramps this morning I had started to bleed but it wasn't like most times it was light I bled once or twice on my pad today and it's brown. I felt a little nauseous last night but that's gone now and it could have been due to no food. I am still under the age 18 I managed to get a pregnancy test and I took it on August 2 and it came out negative. Am I pregnant?