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Hey it's me, super yet again. A few days ago I almost broke my ankle, but I got a sprain instead. My nana took me to urgent care and they did x-rays and gave me a splint, they told me to keep using my crutches. When I walk in my splint+crutches+shoe it feels pretty alright though the crutches are uncomfortable. When I walk with splint+shoe it still feels Farley normal but I walk with a wasaayyyyy noticeable limp. When I walk with just a splint it is uncomfortable without my shoe on. When I walk barefoot the pain spikes up my leg. Should I continue to walk with the crutches? Is it all right for me to walk without my splint for a hour (not continually walking but around the house). And should I continue to wear my splint when I go to bed?


Hi Super,

Keep the splint on, it will help the muscles recover by keeping it stable.  Use the crutch.  It may be uncomfortable but it's more important that your ankle recovers than that it's uncomfortable.

Basically follow the doctors instructions.  They saw you and evaluated the injury.  They gave you much better advice than you'll get on any forum.