I was hoping someone could help me or suggest me what to do. I injured my ankle going down the stairs in mid July 2013. What i did is i missed a step and pretty much my foot went down in in complete plantar flexion position, kind of like a ballet dancer would stand, i heard a big noise of my bones hitting each other.

I was limping for about 5 days and then went to Urgent Care got and Xray, they said nothing was broken and sent me home with an ankle brace to avoid more injury. 2 weeks went by and it did not get any  beter so i went to a Podiatrist and foot surgeon. The doctor suggested i stay off my feet as much as i could and i decided to wear crutches to let my foot rest and stop hurting it. I used crutches and then a knee scooter for about a month and i felt that it did help my foot rest. I gained a bit of mobility to move my foot to the left of right, and a bit of dorsiflexion, but no plantar flexion. During the same time i did 6 sessions of 15 min ultrasound and electrical stimulation of the ankle. I am not sure that helped much, about the last week a friend of mine recommended i do a bunch of ankle exercises at home, the alphabet, grabing a towel with my toes, up and down, using an elastic band and standing on the bad ankle to have stability. After the sessions the doctor suggested i got steroid shots and that i no longer used crutches or the brace. He gave my a shot on the upper left side of my ankle (left foot). I attempted to not limp and try to walk normal even if it hurt a bit and found that the shot helped me get a bit better, but still very little plantarflexion if any. I did a second shot in the upper part of my ankle, and i believe that helped me a bit in plantar flexion, came back for a third shot, but im not sure it really helped. Afterwards my at home physical therapy helped me reach a higher level, and even be able to put on a low high heel and stand, which i could not do before. 

At this point i do not think i can push my ankle anymore, it feels stiff, like it locks up at a certain point that i do the plantar flexion. I am now able to do it as long as i am not bearing my own weight. But still not quite there and cannot wear high heels, because then i do limp. The podiatrist gave me the option of trying shots of stem cells to help the ligaments and bone regenerate, not sure if anyone has tried this?

The doctor then ordered a second MRI and found that it mentioned a "Moderate sized erosion of the talar head"and recommended i go get an opinion from an ankle surgeon about doing ankle arthroscopy.

After reading many bad things about people recovering I am a bit scared and wonder if i should just continue trying to recuperate with therapy or if this "erosion" could get worse. I am not sure if im making it worse and the doctors are not giving me much answers.


 The following were my results from the MRI's :

First Aug 12:

Microtabular contusion of the posteromedial talar domeat the margin and likely not involving the articulate surface. Moderate accompanying effusion. Mild tibiolar joint space loss with anterior tibial plafond bony spurring.

Low to intermidiate grade anterior talofibular ligament sprain with anterolateral soft tissue swelling but no ligament rupture.


Second October 22:

Capsulitis of the tibiotalar and subtalar joints, no OCD.

Moderate sized erosion of the talar head.

Intermediate grade anterior talofibular ligament sprain without rupture.

Sinus tarsi swelling and extensor retinaculum gannglia

(No OCD. Mild midfoot capsulitis with bony fibrovascular reaction and pseudocyst formation subjacent to an 8mm osteochondral erosion at the talar head)


Can someone help me? Has anyone had anything similar, all the doctor has explained is that my tibia and talus had a contusion and now he focused on the talus having an erosion. I was not told if the erosion is occurring from the impact, or if im aggravating it with pushing myself with physical therapy.

I don't know if ankle arthroscopy is the best idea or if i should try stem cells, either way it seems like neither is a gurantee that i will get better.