Hello, I have an avulsion fracture along with a non-displaced "jones " fracture right below it. I was told that each should heal in a short leg fiberglass cast in 6-8 weeks. I was in a light fiberglass ,lots of padding,nwb cast for a week, and re X-ray. I never went to an emergency room, I waited 24 hours and found a foot and ankle specialist that takes my insurance. I didn't think it was anything more than a really bad ankle sprain. I missed the last step on my patio stairs, barefoot in the dark, in my pajamas, trying to get my dog. Stupid dog came to me when I was down and wanted to jump all over me and play and lick me...anyway, after one week, the xray looked exactly the same, no change. My doc who is a d.o, built me a really heavy bottomed weight baring short leg fiberglass cast, he told me to try and walk with crutches, partial weight and it would stimulate blood flow, but he wanted my torn ankle ligaments to heal also. He also gave me a Darco cast boot that is heavy, sturdy soled with traction and ankle support. It's heavy duty(Amazon has it for like $25 bucks. It's not like the first shoe he gave me which was like a blue sandal. Anyway, this boot has made it 50% less painful toput weight and I can even walk short distances without crutches. I've been in this cast now 3 weeks, and more and more im ditching the crutches. I ho back next week for more X-rays and a new cast hopefully, this one is getting dirty. I bought a waterproof cover at Walgreens to shower everyday and I can stand. I also read everything and I'm prepared to be in a cast a few more weeks and I will not consider surgery if it's not healing. I was told that 12 weeks is the magic number. He saidwalking boots cause it to move around too much and custom fit casts are the best. Plus, women tend to take them off more often or stay in them too long and walk around too much. Overall, it's been very painful but this cast boot is so helpful if you are walking on it. the more I read online, everyone is non weight bearing for like 8 weeks and I stuggle with crutches and started weight bearing after a week, unless I know I'll be going somewhere where I might be on my feet alot, (haven't gone anywhere yet) other than quick little trips to grocery store where I lean on a grocery cart. My husband is supportive and helping but also tell me " it's just a toe" not realizing that this is a nasty fracture that has a hard time healing. I'm healthy, drink wine, don't smoke, eat very little, but reading online horror stories is starting to freak me out. I trust my doctors advice, but I really am not the type to sit around. Just wondering if anyone else is weight bearing in a cast and if it prolonged healing.