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Hello there , Im male 28 from malta and i have anxiety disorder.
I have a strange symptom which is worrying me about.

When I try to go to sleep and I get nearly to sleep, Ive got this strange sensation:

My heart starts to beat more rapidly I feel it inside my chest beating. Then as I will wake up suddenly I feel like a rush of bood comin inside my head and I feel like (I dont know how to expain it ) my head starts beating like a heart rate , I feel hot it takes from 5 to 8 sec then it goes everything to normal.

Can somebody tell me the reason of tthis symptom cause its scarying me a lot. Thanks a lot I will check about it soon cya take care...



You should definitely get a general medical checkup. However, that just sounds like panic to me. Don't worry about it for now, just get checked out by a doctor and maybe get some therapy and a prescription for something to help with the anxiety


Hi Gilbert,

I agree with the last post. I would definitely get it checked out by a medical doctor!

All the best,
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