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hello there,

Im a male 29 from Malta a unfortunataly I suffer from anxiety and depression.

Just to let you know something, if somebody experienced this symptom as me. Sometimes when I lay down to bed and relax I starts to have these strange abdominal pulsations . It is like I have another heart (in such a way) . I think this is nothin but simply a symptom of anxiety and mild panic attack.

My mother used to have them to when she had anxiety before. So I think this is the answer for these strange abdominal pulsations.

If someone experiences these same symptoms plz reply. You are not alone suffering from anxiety just remember theres millions of people out there throughout the world trying to cope with modern lifestyle!!!!

Best Regards,
From Malta



It is absolutely unbelievable that there is someone who has experienced this same symptom of anxiety as my sister. She is suffering and coping with anxiety and panic attacks for years and I have a feeling that she is never calm even when she is lying in her bed.

Sometimes I am talking to her to try to help her to fall asleep and one time she has mentioned that she is “feeling like her heart is in her stomach”. At that moment I started to laugh and she was sad because I couldn’t understand her. But now I believe that she was experiencing the same thing as you do and she will be satisfied when I let her know that she is not the only one. Thank you for posting this. 



Hi  danell,


Just to let u know that anxiety is nothin to be afraid of. Just continue to support your sister and give her all the help she needs , because at this time she feels more sensitive and emotionally, ( I know by experience ) .....keep ensuring her that these symptoms pass and shes not going to die. I deeply understand her hows shes feeling , because everyday is like feeling like a c**p......but do not let go .....Im doing exercise now every morning at my ,miltary gym , and enjoy playing snooker with my friends....keep her socialise and not to stay home alone because thats worse....It will pass taking some medications too to help me ....but everyday I feel more motivated than  I used to be....


God bless you and your sister and if u need to speak to me you can find me on facebook Gilbert Camilleri a beginner photographer and my profile pictures shows:)


You will be with me in my prayers..... hugs from Malta




Im glad i found this! For a sec i tought there was no one out there that would know how this feels because its not a pretty good feeling.. people constintly think i just over react and i want attention or i want people to feel bad for me.. its hard having this and i also get that pulse and i jist cant be alone i get scared worried and no one seems to understand :(