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hello ppl im 28 m from malta and i need some help and advise

Ive got this strange symptom which is terryfing me sometimes not everytime when i go to bed and I will start going to sleep

My heart starts beating faster i feel it pumping inside my chest I will become anxious and the strange thing after that I wake up suddenly afraid I feel like a rush of blood going through my brain ( I don't know how to explain it) my head starts beating like my heart rate I become feeling warm and hot . This takes for just about 5 - 8 seconds and then everything goes back to normal

Is it a panic attack or maybe something more serious.

Please someone out there help me out cause im getting scared

Thanks a lot Gilbert


:'( :'(
omg i also hav that feeling of having difficulty on sleeping,i always thought that im gonna die and not wake up anymore,i always have a severe headache,my chest is painful,i always have a thought that i have lot of illness
i also dont know what to do so plss were begging for help :'( :'(


Is it true that this only happens when you lie down? That would be important. It comes and goes so fast, but it sounds like it is a response to your lying down. I would consult a neurologist. It doesn't sound like the trigger is external. Could it be emotional? This is a long shot, but are you associating your preparation for sleep with some event. It doesn't sound like it, because your episodes are so short. Again, contact a neurologist because this is not a normal experience. Something is going on in your head. You'll want to know what that is before other symptoms occur. Are you taking any medications right now? Are you a drug user. Do you take meds to help you sleep? These might be important questions for you to think about....Let us know what's going on when you find out.