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hi ppl i need some help plz cause its killing me!!!

about a month ago i was really stressed i had a lot of work and my car broke down and i was worrying about these things .Now sometimes i feel getting anxious anger and then i feel low and smetimes i cry too.

I'm still intrested in sex although and i still go to work althoutgh sometimes i feel very tired (maybe with the medications im having for anti anxiety)

sometimes i feel my heart beats harder and faster is it normal for panic attacks?

Plz reply to me ppl cause im getting little panicky and then i make things worse like feeling im oing to die.

i will realy appreciate

Gilbert from Malta


First of all, calm down. As in, you don't need to worry about this so much. Anxiety attacks are basically, severe paranoia, shortness of breath, sometimes blurry vision, and a feeling of being tired, drowsy, almost passing out, and/or wanting(thinking you're going to)vomit. Panic attacks are a more severe form resulting in extreme paranoia, sensitivity to sounds and light, even feeling, difficulty to breathe, some blurry vision, drifting in and out of minor unconsciousness, difficulty to speak or just outright screaming, and NEEDING to be around someone, or the opposite, NEEDING to be alone. Some ways to fight anxiety/panic attacks is to either sit alone, breathe, and go over everything, and I mean everything, think through whatever's messing with your head, possible good scenarios, possible bad scenarios, and possible solutions, OR to find someone willing to listen, not HELP but LISTEN, and either have the hold you, or sit/stand by you, and listen to you blab on about your problem, or just sit there with you in silence. Music sometimes helps, or any other distractions. And remember, if this is happening, there's no shame in crying, and if you want help from others but can't necessarily talk I would RECOMMEND crying, because people typically wonder what's happening and try to help when they see that someone's in obvious pain or discomfort. :) I hope this helps, as it helps me and everyone I've told so far.