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Hi ladies and gents, 

I'm a 23 year old female and suffer from regular headaches, constant muscle tension (leading to multiple knots in my neck, shoulders and back) and blow almost everything out of proportion!!

I've been feeling nausea on and off for a couple of days now, and finally decided to try googling it, seeing as I'd already ruled out the possibility of pregnancy and possible food poisoning :/

google came up with this: Generalized Anxiety Disorder :/

Every symptom fits me to a T, and now I have something else to freak me out! 

I was just wondering if anyone out there suffers stress/anxiety/depression and has any techniques to help lower the stress levels; like breathing exercises, distracting hobbies, anything really!

Need to get this in check because its taking a huge toll on my social/personal life and really dont want to resort to relying on some prescribed crazy pill lol

Any feedback on stress coping exercised would be great!

Kelsey x


Hi Kelsey, 

Googling your condition is not the same as being diagnosed. Google can only tell you the list of conditions that apply to your symptoms. I am just saying that if you really do experience such symptoms, you should definitely go see a doctor and run some tests. 

What is generalized anxiety disorder anyway? It just sounds like some stupid word which certain "people" came up with to explain a series of related symptoms which make no sense to them. 

That is just my opinion. But if you are so sure you have this "disorder" then i suggest praying (if you are a believer) or doing Yoga. Yoga has those breathing exercises and it will calm you down. 

Be well, 




Hi, k is right, google isn't going to give you an accurate diagnosis. That's why doctors spend years at university. See a doctor because there may be something else going on and you need to rule out physical causes of your symptoms. Generalised anxiety disorder is real. There us a lit you can do to help yourself including regular exercise, meditation or yoga, being socially active etc. But if it really us a problem therapy can really help. It will give you tools you can take into the rest of your life to stay well. There may be a place for medication, but they all come with side effects and some can be addictive. They also mask the problem, which may help for a while but is not a long term solution. I have had generalised anxiety disorder and therapy has been a god send. also, my symptoms weren't typical so I would never have picked it without the help if a therapist. See a doctor first though because it might nit be anxiety at all. All the best.


Maybe someone can help me out Truthfully I really really need it, for months now approx 5 months ago I went to the doctor and found out I had herpes I felt like my world had ended. I got so depressed I wasn't sleeping was eating that lasted for 2 and a half weeks and later I began to think and worry what if it's something worse I would get try and sleep and when I woke up I had a strange sour like taste in my mouth and I had foggy headaches. I began to google my symptoms which I've been told never to do but I did each time I would I would get this anxious feel that would take over and it seem like another symptom would happen Ive had burning sensation like a hot flash feel over my body numbness in hands a chill and hot spell that would happen that would really freak me out this had been going on since the beginning of October and has since lasted I have a major fear of it being worst then herpes even tho I been tested its still been a thought that I have been able to get rid of its is taking a toll on my body and its scarying me making me think that it's something else have any one else exprinced a severe anxiety like this that physical symptoms lingered for a length of time PLEASE HELP ME