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when subjected to sudden unkwons I develope extreme tension and anxiety which turns me into extreme panic.


Hi my friend guest I think there you are having panic disorder.

Try and talk to your psychologist or psychaitrist to help you on your problem.

You must exercise your self by not thinking about thinks that makes you anxious . I believe you thats its horrible difficult but by time you will understand how your brain works.

Im suffering from anxiety stress problems and sometimes i feel low mood and depresssed.

Im having anti depressants to beat my anxiety this is my second week im having them and I can say that they are working.

Talk to your medical support to help you and ease your situation.

Another thought dont stay inside try and go out and meet friends and talk about different thiongs in life.

My family is supporting me like that to help me get out of it.


Gilbert from Malta


Hi Loffie Henn,

Sudden unknowns are always difficult to deal with for some! It is because we are stepping outside of our comfort zone.

When you do feel yourself developing extreme tension and panic, try deep breathing and positive thinking. You are probably thinking of the worst possible things that can happen to you when you are in a state of panic. How about you try thinking of all the good things that could happen to you? What are the positives about the situation? Train your mind to think more rationally and positively. It won't happen over night, but with practice and persistance it will.

I hope this helps
Take care!
Happy Life Space