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Hey there,

I am almost done with my old diet pills, and I really want to try something else. I remember that someone in here mentioned Mancode diet supplement or testosterone booster, whatever they call it, it is pretty much the same for me :)

I tried to find as much as I can about this, but I have to say that it was not so successful as I expected :) Now, I am willing to try this, but I have to say that I am a little bit concerned about side – effects.

Do you know, are there ANY unwanted side – effects of Mancore diet supplements / testosterone booster?

Let me know! 


Oh Lord, what is going on with guys? I mean, you are the third person who wants to use Mancore testosterone booster that I know, so far :) My brother is so into this testosterone booster, so we done some research together.

So far, I found that there are no seriously side – effects. I mean, those pills can drop in testosterone and that means less energy, muscle mass  and libido.

So, there are no unwanted effects at all, it is totally OK supplement, and my brother is really planning of using those :) I will inform you about his progress.

Have a nice day! 



Hi there,

One of my friends was using this and I asked him did he had any side – effects. He told me that he didn’t experience none of them. He told me that he experienced increases in his strength, which is good and normally when ti comes about those diet pills. He told me one thing, he would always testified that this product works, but that you always need to know that testosterone boosters always, but always can produce higher testosterone boosts and that is basically it.

I don’t know would I call this a side – effects, but it is something that you need to be aware for sure.