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Hey everyone,

My husband and his sister want to follow some diet program. They think that F factor diet is the best solution so far, for many things, like they say. I am not sure about this, because I was trying to follow it, but I didn’t have some big success, so I am not so proud about this diet program lol. I just want to know one thing, so I can tell them. Do you know, are there any negative side – effects of F factor diet program?

Anyone here had some, so can you share it with me?

Please, now it is really important for me to know.

Let me know your opinion! 


Hi guys,

Well, no, I mean, I don’t think so. This diet program is pretty good, it has good plan and I don’t think that you should meet any negative side – effects. Of course, there always are some first side – effects. I remember when my sister was following this diet program, it was really hard for her in the first two months, I think. She had some headaches, she was feeling week. When she went to see her doctor, he told her that she is eating right, that she is eating clean food, and that there is no reason to be worried. Her body just was accepting this diet program.Basically, that it is.

I don’t believe that this diet can harm your health.

Good luck! 




That theory is quiet impossible, because F factor diet program is mean to clean your organism from bad eating habits as well. So, negative side – effects are just out of the story :)

Of course, like you could read from the post up there, there could be some side – effects, but that depends on how your body will react on certain diet program.So far, this diet program has only thumbs up, it is really good and healthy. You will be healthy without any unwanted pounds, but of course, it takes a time :)

Have a nice day!