Hello, can someone please help. About 14 years ago I presented with muscle fisculations over most of my body and some muscle weakness in the arms. I was seen by 3 neurologists who did MRIs of brain and spine, extensive blood work and muscle nerve tests (all negative for ALS). I was diagnosed with benign fasiculations and put on Neurontin. The medicine calmed the fasiculations and eventually the arm weakness improved. Over the last 14 years I've at times noticed body fasiculations but not strong and not persistent. In Jan of this year the fasiculations returned with a vengance and are now concentrated in my left eyelid, tongue and throat. Also have pain that comes and goes in right buttock and left forearm. I saw my PRP in mid Jan and knowing my previous history told me to take Ibuprofen for the muscle pain. The fasiculations in my tongue are very visible and create a burning sensation on the tip. The throat fasiculations are like a tickle and will on occassion cause me to cough. Could these new fasiculations not be related to the others and perhaps be the onset of Bulbar? Should I go back to my PCP and press for more study? Please help and thank you.