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im 21 yrs old...i wear contacts daily and glasses at night, my vision is terrible but i dont think it directly affects my current condition.

for about a month now my lower left eyelid has been constantly twitching, i can literally look in the mirror and watch it bounce up and down rapidly with brief pauses before starting back up again...i fear this may be a small problem in a bigger picture as i have been experiencing for about 5 months full body twitches, spasms in my legs, on my tongue, on my scalp, in my arms, everywhere...i dont know what it is...those have been somewhat lowkey though since the eyelid twitching started. and since this is all day everyday it is making me nervous, and self conscious. its only my lower left eyelid, its doing it right now in fact. if anyone has any expert advice or plausible ideas as to what the heck this could be please inform me, thank you.


It's perfectly normal to get an occasional muscle twitch here and there, and a twitchy eyelid is very common. However, if it seems like you're constantly having a problem with twitchy muscles you should definitely get checked out by a doctor to make sure that it's not anything more serious.

There have been some studies linking a low potassium intake with muscle twitching, specifically a twitchy eyelid. A good start is to try and eat a couple of bananas a day for a few days and see if it improves. I personally have a twitchy left eyelid that seems to go on for *hours* at a time. It gets worse when I haven't gotten enough sleep, but eating a couple of bananas a day for a day or two makes it go away for at least a day at a time. Until I run out of bananas and am too lazy to go to the grocery store. :-) But it's definitely worth a shot. And bananas are good for you anyway.