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I need your help!!

I see I have all the symptoms of ALS. I cannot breathe or speak properly. I always feel stiff in my throat which makes it difficult to breathe. I can't speak more than three words at a stretch. My stomach also feels tight while breathing. I feel pains in leg below the knees. This tends me to sleep with the legs bent involuntarily.
I checked with an otolaryngologist and he said there's nothing wrong with my throat. My vocal cords are fine. He told me that it might be acid reflux and prescribed some antacids. But they didn't work. I still feel that stifness in my neck and abdomen.
I sometimes breathe into my food tract. I always feel my windpipe is narrow and if I breathe naturally the air enters my food pipe. I change my whole diet. I am eating only vegetables without any spice. This doesn't help.

I see that all my symptoms match thoses of ALS. I am very worried. How can I get it diagnosed. Which doctor I need to meet.

I want to know How do you feel if you have muscle weakness? Do you feel pains in the muscles through out the day?

I would like to add one more thing. My lifestyle is very sedentary since my childhood. I always either sit or lie down for most of the day. I read lot of stuff and browse net for most of the time sitting in a posture without any back support.
I work in IT where I continuously sit in my chair for all the time.

I also tried allergy medicine. I am on Zyrtec now which didn't help either. i had a reaction to penicillin when I was a child. I never took it from then on.

My main problem is difficulty speaking clearly. My voice is strained and breathy. I am really worried I can never speak clearly. Sometimes I have a short memory. I don't remember what has just happened. I'm 24

what doctor I should see for this.

Thanks for bearing. Please help me.


I forgot to add. I am 25.

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a doctor that treats Spasmodic Dysphonia with botox injections.

Also staying on acid medication for 8 weeks at a time helped me. It, took a long time, but I got better and I hope you do too.