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Hello. I'm 22 year old male and these last couple of weeks I have noticed some very strange things.
At least once a day, in most cases- in the evening, I have problems with eyelid muscle contractions. I happens only on my left eye and nothing I do can prevent it from happening.
I don’t know what could be the cause but I'm thinking that excessive studding during the night could maybe be the cause.
I have read that this sensation is called muscle fasciculation and I would really like if someone could tell me more about it.


You have right- this muscle sensation is called muscle twitching or muscle fasciculation.
I wouldn’t call it- contraction because, this isn’t a case of whole muscle contraction but the part of it. But, chemically- we do talk about contraction- there is no doubt! The thing is that we are talking about one pat of the muscle which is served by a single motor nerve fiber or filament. We probably talk about one type of muscle twitching called benign fasciculation which is not caused by any disease or disorder. Over-tiredness could easily be the cause.
There is often no need to treat this symptom. Rest and see if it will happen again!


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Hope this helps! :-D