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I've had a headache for about 15 months now. It started as a very lightheaded/pass out feeling dull headache but changes in intensity day to day. I rarely have a day w/o it. It moves, but is most often on one side of my head. Some days, it is sharp and intense.

I've been tested to death (x-rays, MRIs, MRAs, CATscan) with everything coming back normal except low vitamin D, low bilirubin levels, and slight neck muscle dystonia (left side muscles in constant flex). My neurologist thinks they are tension headaches and has had me on several different tricyclic antidepressants. They have worked a bit, but the side effects (extreme drowsiness, rapid heart rate) have made them less than ideal.

Recently, I've started feeling muscle weakness/burning in addition. My calf muscles are feeling achy/burning most days with no reason. I've not been working out additionally or anything. Also, my arms and hands have joined in. My arm muscles just feel weak. My wrists and hands feel fatigued typing this. I am a photographer and sometimes I doubt my grip holding my camera. Any ideas? I'm at my witts end having this for so long and it only seeming to get worse. I'm to the point any diagnosis would be better than none. Thanks.


Hello, BDH... I am wondering with the different symptoms you present that maybe you might have fibromyalgia.  This has many symptoms but is not something that can be diagnosed from MRIs, CAT scans, or other means.  Symptoms include pain, depression, fatigue, concentration issues, headaches, morning stiffness, irritable bowel syndrome, and numbness and tingling in extremities.  You may want to find a health professional who is experienced with fibromyalgia and get an assessment.  Let me know how it goes.Has anyone else suffered from fibromyalgia?  What is the treatment your doctor offered? Did you have a doctor who doesn't believe in this type of diagnosis?