I am 26 and married my husband (30) and I arent really TTC but arent preventing it either we feel if it happens it happens. We dont use any form of BC. I usually am very in-tune with my body but right now things seem off to me. So, One questions I have has anyone had PID and still gotton PG natrual (no medications no drs nothing). I had PID when i was 16 and found out it was caused from a cysts. Also, I have PCOS as well and when i was in a commited relationship i got chlymida and goneraha from the guy. So i am wondering has anyone else had these and still gotton PG and if so what happened.
ALso my period started Dec. 12th and lasted about 3 days, my periods are really strange when they first start they are very light and brown like old blood then the 2nd day they are red with some brown and slightly heavy then they go bck to light. I should have ovulated the week of 27th-31st. My husband and i have sex that whole week plus the weekend b4 and a couple days after. On Jan 4th at aprox 830pm i started spotting brownish blood but only when i wiped. That night a little while later i started noticing massive back pain (abnormal) it was on my right side right below my ribs. It lasted until i finally fell asleep at 1230am but i was only able to sleep on my left side with a pillow between my legs any other way hurt. On the 5th i woke up and had some more spotting, I was also very naseaus, tired, crampy, back still hurt but not as bad, food smelled funny. That night when i went to bed again i could only sleep on my left side. When i woke up this morning the 6th i noticed bright pink spotting still only when i wiped and also a lil bright red tissue cells or whatever those are (not sure how to describe them). I have no other symptoms today and my boobs do not hurt. At aprox 1230pm the bleeding stopped. I had felt my cervix during this process and noticed at first it was lower and then today it was extremely high i had to push dwn like i was using the bathroom to feel it and it was softer than normal with an indent. My vagina is dry (which isnt abnormal). I am just wondering what this could mean are these PG symptoms? Is my period early? Im so confused because these are not normal too me. Also my period is roughly 33days so it comes like the same date every month. and has been that way for about a yr now. Thank You everyone for your help!