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here is my story
have three children
only had spotting the day my cycle was due when pg with them...and then the first had placenta previa

only missed one period in my life(besides when I was pg)
paps are good

had a miscarriage 9/1/08
cycles after 38,36,32,28,26,26,26,26

think that brings it up to date

this month cycle day 1-3 flowing

day 7 very light spotting
day 11 dh and I ttc...he was a little rough or deeper and I kindof pushed my cervix out...if that makes any sense cuz he just oobers all I was trying to get it closer

went potty and wiped some blood
checked cervix got a clot~ real small 1/4 inch and stringy...cervix open

day 12(when I should be ovulating) spotting gone...checked cervix closed
day 12 dh and I have mutually pleasurable a easy position where it shouldn't be rough etc

went potty...wiped lighter blood...
checked cervix got a clot~ 1 inch long string...cervix partially open

I'm 34...tried calling the help but see in the morning

can't go in right now and worried....could I be pg? took a test on day 11 just to be sure neg....

I'm worried...because things have never been odd for me?



You could be experiencing what is referred to as pre-menopause. This doesn't mean that the real thing is about to start. Somewhere around your age, we start to experience you type of symptoms...that is: irregular periods, clotting, extremely heavy flow, etc. This happened to me and many other women that I know. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of conversation about these episodes, so when they occur, panic sets in. Of course, there's no guarantee that this is your situation, but perhaps this will put your mind at ease until you talk to your doctor, which I hope is actually going to occur right away. You have really documented your situation well. This will be very helpful to your doctor. You're really familiar with you body, and a lot of women aren't. I think you'll probably be just fine.