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I am suppose to start insulin therapy.  I was wondering how many units of insulin others out there inject daily?  Does everyone start out with the same amount or does everyone have differetn amounts to inject?  I am a bit worried about taking it because the dietician said that a person can have hypoglycemia from it.


Your doctor will prescribe the dosage that is right for you.  Everyone is different and as time goes on, it will need to be adjusted to fit your needs. Patients that need insulin to control their diabetes can be at risk for hypoglycemia so they need to watch for symptoms of low blood sugar.  It is imperative that a diabetic patient eat enough food to prevent hypoglycemia.  This means no skipping meals or eating too few carbohydrates.  If you think you should eat less carbs than your doctor or dietician recommends because you will keep sugars low, think again.  Actually, if you eat too few carbohydrates, your body will compensate by causing the liver to spill out more glucose into your system.  Since the liver doesn't regulate the amount, it will put a lot out into your bloodstream, causing high blood sugars.  So cutting back can really mess up a diabetic's blood sugar control. 

When you start your insulin therapy, be sure to follow the meal plan as directed by your physician or dietician.  Ensure you take your insulin injection at the prescribed time. Don't skip it unless you find your blood sugar is already low.  Then you would not want to take it because it will make it go lower.

You will do fine if you follow your doctor's orders and eat what you are suppose to eat at the right time.  Just be knowledgeable about the symptoms of hypoglycemia and have snacks available just in case you do have a hypoglycemic episode.