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Ok, so here it goes.

I am 13 years old, 5' 4" and I weigh approximately 145 lbs. And I am a girl. :)  I do lots of walking (1/2 a day to and from school alone, plus walking is my main mode of transportation so probably an hour a day or so). I'm not a health nut, but my diet is fairly good, and I drink lots of water. I don't appear fat (at least I don't think I do) but I'm not overly muscular. I am quite developed up top and regularly menstruate, and have been told many times that I have very 'curvy' figure. (Just putting this info out their, not sure if it affects anything!)

I have a few things I wanted to ask: 

   -Depending on when I weigh myself, even what day, it all varies, some days I way around 136, others 148! Is this normal, because of when I weigh myself and the amount of fluid, food etc. my body has retained?

   -Does the fact that I have a regular period, developed early (gr. 4 we're talking) affect anything (hormones?)

   -And just out of curiosity, does anyone think I will I do much more growing? (to 'thin out' :P )

   -And most importantly, do you think I am overweight?

I know BMI calculators are for adults, but I was just over the average weight. Should I start watching my diet more and exercising more?

Thank You sooooooo much! 


I think you are completely normal! You certainly seem active sooo you actually weigh more in muscle than fat. Muscle ways more than fat by the way! Okay onto the curvy thing....I have it too, I am shorter but have a different figure, therefore I look like I way more than I am, only by a little. Nothing a little excersise cant fix!haha


I dont think you are overweight...You sound like you only need to lose 10 pounds AT MOST! NO MORE THAN THAT! 

About the growning it is genetic. If your mom is 5foot 1 and your dad is 5 foot 4 you will probably be in between their heights. Usually kids don't grow taller than their dad. Only in rare cases( which I have heard of) BUT YOU WILL THIN OUT DURING PUBERTY! MAYBE NOT GET TALLER


DIETING IS SOOO NOT THE WAY TO GO FOR LOSING WEIGHT! Diets restrict you from many healthy foods! Tell yourself I am going to eat" healthy" ! 

Hope this helps! Respond if you want help or tips for more info!




hey i think you should stop putting your business out there !!!!!!!!!!!any ways good going butt just dont take pills youll get small and then youll gain it rght back and plus more wait added on that it happened to me and im only 12yars old of age


Umm may I ask what information she put out that she shouldn't ? There is nothing inapproprite with her post.