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I think I'm fat but my friends don't .. I'm like 5'2- 5'3 and weigh like 102-104 lb am I like... Fat?


At your height and weight, it sounds like you are at the perfect proportion and no, you are not fat.  You may be a little underweight if anything.  I would advise that you do not lose any weight.  If you want more definition in your body structure, you may want to exercise to tone these areas.  Keep in mind that you will gain a little weight because of it since muscle weighs more than fat.  You will feel better about yourself if you are in tiptop shape athletically.  If you have issues about your body and feel you need to lose more weight, you should talk to your parents and a professional who deals with body image problems.  Like I said, you do not need to lose any weight.  I hope this helps.