I know I probably should just take a pregnancy test to find out, but I'm just confused on the situation. I got put back on a birth control that I don't like because my doctor ran out of the original BC I was on and my insurance doesn't cover it so I'm on the old one again and it messes with my hormones and gives me a period for 3 weeks and I'm off for 1. (Backwards, I know) and I did have sex with my boyfriend on one of the days that I was off it and then the day after restarted my period like normal when on this particular birth control. And a week later I began getting terrible migraines, becoming nauseous only at night time particularly after I ate, and even my boyfriend noticed that I've become more lazy and tiresome. (I'm a morning person and usually always up everyday around 6 for no reason, but haven't been able to get out of bed until like 1 in the afternoon). Is it possible for me to get pregnant after having my period, being on the pill, and having sex that one time? Btw I'm still on my period though.