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Nature provides us with alternatives to toxic chemicals; harmless but effective defenses to ward off those pesky insects that want in our picnics and outdoor activities and then invite themselves into our houses to further annoy us.

Insects Inside the House: Ants

There is nothing more annoying than trying to enjoy an outdoor activity and then being invaded by insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and ants, just to name a few.  Even more irritating is that one pesky fly that tends to buzz your face or nose while you are trying to sleep. 

Many people are hesitant to use toxic chemical based insect repellent because of the dangers they can cause to the environment as well as the people in near vicinity of these products. 

Ants; it seems no matter how hard we try they always seem to find a way in and march in a single line to the bounty they have found to return it to their nest and then come back for more.  Here are some suggestions as to how to avoid this problem without hiring an exterminator or using toxic chemicals:

  • Keep crumbs and spilled substances cleaned up.  If there isn’t anything for them to feed on, they’ll take their party elsewhere to find the goods.
  • Fill a bottle with soapy water and should you find an ant invasion, spray them with the water. 
  • Ants don’t like cucumbers so leave bits of cucumbers at the places where ants might find their way in.  The more bitter the cucumber, the more it will repel them.
  • Other things ants don’t like in which you can place where ants seem to enter are: cinnamon, coffee grounds, citrus oil, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, mint leaves, and cloves. 

Finding the point of entry is a key element to keeping ants from invading your home and looking for a free meal.  In the ant world, word spreads fast and if they find an easy target, they’ll spread the word and soon you’ll be over-run with ants from many colonies.

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