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hi, I'm 20 years old and recently I experienced my body shaking While in my sleep. as soon as I felt my body shaking I tried getting out of bed, my vision went blurry and as much as I tried I couldn't move a muscle. though, while all this occurred I kept telling my self to get up and get help. after the shaking was over I got out of bed as if nothing had happened. I had no headache or dizziness afterwards. the shaking to me flet like it only lasted 10 sec.. what could this be?


Hi Hom: Have you had a cold or flu or an infection recently? It could be related to that. ALSO I am thinking along the lines of Diabetes, because when you are a sleep you are not eating a snack - obviously. The only thing I can tell you is to go get a check up with your family doctor. Have him/her test your blood for you glucose level, then have them test for an infection. Tell them what has been going on, and have them do a neurological test on you - just to make sure!

I am DEFINITELY leaning more towards low blood sugar though, especially with your symptoms. Let me know how you get on OK? Good luck hon!