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I am so glad I found this site today I got Mirena fitted October 2000 and have had 2 more..

For as long as i can remember I have had all the symthoms that everyone in the forms have had.  have been to my doctors that often over the past 10 years that he finally diagnosed depression,   which now reading the above I realise is not the case .  I cant loose weight, just keep gaining (3 stone) and at the moment since have last one fitted last april gaining more, I have cut out all fatty foods caffiene, alcohol nothing works..


if anyone wants advice take it from me I have literally been falling apart for the last 10 years and I will asap be getting the Mirena removed, I will put up with heavy periods as they are nothing compared to the sweating, headaches, hallucinations, depression, weight gain/unable to loose weight...

Thanks for the postings on this site


its amazing how similar our symptoms are and until i also discovered this site i didnt think it was my mirena coil that is very possibly causing all of the symptoms.I had my first coil fitted in 1992. I had my fourth coil fitted about 8 weeks ago and have felt miserable since. headaches not sleeping sweating heavy periods and over the years weight gain.. Ive had so many people say to me they dont understand my weight considering i have 3 jobs at one point 4 and run my home and eat healthily. Low self esteem has been an issue with me over the years too. But what do you suggest other than the coil will they still consider sterilizng in your forties?

Thanks for the postings on this site, areal eye opener