I had my Mirena coil fitted because of very heavy bleeding on 08/12/10, my GP had tried to insert it but couldn't so my local hospital fitted it, it was very painful and i cried. Since then i have bled only lightly on and off, sometimes for weeks then nothing for weeks. I accepted this as i know it takes time to settle. I used to have to wear 2 pads and a tampon and change them all hourly so this was a relief. However today at work i stood up and loads of blood came away, enought to leave a puddle on the floor, i felt weak and out of sorts and after going to the loo and losing loads more blood and clots i went home. Now it is like a very heavy period and i have discomfort on my left side. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Tried to ring hosp suite where fitted but ansaphone so left a message. :)