Hi everyone, im new to this group, im 28 years old ans I suffer from endometriosis and interstitial cystitis ive had 5 surgeries for these issues. I was put on percocet in 2008 when I was hospitalized for a week, anywho, so since then I was put on percocet. Then I got pregnant in 2010 and stopped cold turkey no issues doing so either.. but when my daughter was about 4 months I had to go back onto that along with tramadol. My issue is this, im now 12 weeks pregnant which ia great but im still in pain, and im siffering with migraines and I cannot lock myself in a room since I have a 2year old daughter. I was just in the hospital 4 days ago cause of a migraine, the doctor gave me 2 Percocets, 2advils and something for nausea, she then told me percocets are totally safe to take.. obviously cut back but taking 4-6 a day will not harm me or baby... and she also confirmed this with an obgyn and she too said no issues with it. So believe me if I didnt have my daughter to look after I probably would have just stopped and suffered (but even the er doctor said its not good to suffer with pain during pregnancy) I was at my docotors 3 days ago not only am I suffering with the migraines but I also have a kidney infection! He then kept telling me that I have to suffer in order to be off which hes pushing for, hes basically tellig me get off cold turkey! I went from 300 pills a month to 80 and now he only gave me 60 (I stopped the tramadol when I got pregnant) hes treating me like sh*t. Ive also read horror stories that u can have a heart attack if u go cold turkey, that scares me the most (I have a resting heart rate of over 100) so this can happen very easily to me... and he just keeps dismissing me! Im in tears cause this is the doctor that put me on them in 2008 and now just cause im pregnant wants me to suffer! Every forum I read says if ur doctor cuts u off and refuses to ween u off properly u need to report him! Can anyone help me PLEASE! IM SCARED OUT OF MY MIND!!!!!