First I notice an irritated throat and swelling but not hard to swallow followed by a white tounge with red bumps. Then I notice a blister in the back of my thought. and marks on my inside my cheek with saliva. I had a case of dirreah one time and vomit once also. I always have fevers and pain in my back and kidneys. I also have skin burns all over my skin and under arm pit. With a fungi inside my big toenail. Nothing I take seem to work so I went to the clinic and had a test done I am still waiting for my blood test but they sain they found NGU whed they did my cotton swab test. After I receivea and took penicilin for the ngu I notice a small dose of blood coming out of my urine and I was discharging when before I would only notice water like urine. I still had fever and nausea feeling so I went to the emergency room and was diaognose wit Tonsillitis and receive different penicilin for that. It has also not work and I often hear my stomach growling and seem like it be trying to push the medicine back up or gas build up and make me fart. I also now hardly even have a bowel movement plus I never been a big water drinker. Now I notice swell on the right side of my testicle and inflared penis. I look like I have pink eye in both eyes and I think I see spots on my body that I havent seen before. I see red swelling behind my ears and ears ringing sometimes. I have chills sometimes and now believe I see little veins coming out of my temple. I always wore condoms when I had sex, but I was scared that I may have receive aids from receiving oral sex. I have a little anxiety disorder now. Before all of this I had bad allergies and took all kinds of over the counter allergy pills and ate some questionable foods. Also probably suffered some ant bites. I was wandering do I have aids or could it be some kind of bacteria infection due to things I have receive.