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I am a 26yrs old male Nigerian, for over 5yrs i have been having problem with my stomach, when it started i thought it was had to do with the bed i was using. when i sleep and wake up, i notice there is so much gas in my stomach and the gas even goes up to my head, After a while it developed to heart burn i did not know what the cause was.

At some point i decided to go to the gym and train, the heart burn became very terrible that it was like hot gas was coming up my throat and through my ears, so i stopped going to the gym, but the constant gas continued after many years, my stomach gets so filled with gas that the gas begins to move round different parts of my body.

When i fart i or belch i feel relief for a few seconds and immediately the gas in the stomach is reproduced, at sometimes i the gas is so much in the stomach and my body and i even find it had to pass it out through fart or belch and i have to force myself to belch to feel some relief.

It got to a stage that this gas movement from my stomach moving around my body and especially upwards to my chest , developed to beody itching, my body began to each in any part i noticed the gas movement, to the extent that the itching started developing marks all over my body as if i have been floged with belt or wip.

Also noticed itching from within my stomach as if some insects were biting the was of my stomach especially when i am hungry and after i eat its still bites me.

I went to see a doctor and he recommended the following.

1, amitriptiline- which i understand is and anti-depresant , i took it for weeks and the itching and marks stopped appearing, but it was always making me lazy, sleepy and tired. I thought i was ok,

2, Omeprazole and Rabeprazole - i took much of omerprazole while i was also taking the anti depressant so i felt i was geting better .

3, LIBRAX - i understand help my system so i can use the toilet often as i should.

4, Relcer gel- Antacids to stop the gas.

I took all these , since the itching disapeared and the marks were not showing on my body anymore i felt i was ok, but the gas was constantly produced every second in my stomach , but i was able to pass some out through fart and belching continuosly . after a few weeks the itching began to come back and the marks began to show again and i hardly went to shiit in the toilet or pass gass through fart, my stomach is constantly field with gas and my body itches.

I went for an ECG test , and the doctor said there was some damage caused in my chest area as a result of lifting heavy metal, and he recommended i take propranlol to help my muscles move back to the right location. Now gas from my stomach forces itself up into my chest area and causes alot of discomfort. and making my whole body each especially my laps. armpit, even my butocks after going to pass physis in the toilet.

The gas problems have become stress to me, i need help. bellow are the symptoms i am facing.

1, constant gas in the stomach and forcing its way up my chest and around my body, when i belch of fart i feel relief for seconds

2, hot burning itching in my skin that produces marks for a while and i use anti depresant to take care of it once in week.

3, feel like some insects are biting me in the stomach walls and it itches in the outer surface of my stomach.

4, indigestion.

5, when i take my bath the itching multiplies all over my body and my blood preasure increases, for a few minutes after taking my bath the itching reduces.

6, constant movement of bones , nerves or muscles in my chest area, making sounds as if they were dislocation or breaking due to the gas that fills up my chest area.

7, when i belch or fart hot air comes out, food hardly digests unless i lay down and sleep for hours.

8, sometimes i eat for two days and i don't go to sheet in the toilet, i force myself to sheet.

I have taken a lot of antibiotics and and antacids and still wont stop please i need help .


Have an H pylori test.


instead of taking those med why not try herbals? take fresh parsley.cut it into small pieces,put it in a cup then pour hot H2O.simmer for 5-6 taste smell and taste good.try also fennel tea. ginger,boil it then drink mix with honey


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I had similar issues and was extremely worried when I started feeling my body tremor when I go to bed. Its like a buzzing sensation coming from your stomach going all the way up to your head, ears and eyes. I wake up with headache, ears blocked as if I was in an aeroplane. My lips/face feels like pins and needles.

I was given Nexium. Had to review everything I was eating and change to food types that are friendly to my blood type. You can also read about acid/alkaline forming food.

It is what you eat that is causing the symptoms! CHANGE your diet....



I am not an expert but it sounds like it could be candida. I hope you have found help for your issues before now.


Please get tested for H pylori.. start reading now..I am not a doctor so whatever I say here should still be verified by a only natural anti inflammatory foods.. read about anti inflammatory diet.. read about matula tea... read about mastic gum.. read about spices (natural spices-garlic, oregano, cinnamon, onions, cilantro , ginger and lots of others).. read about fermented vegetables, read about coconut oil.. , pray.. calm down .., see a good natural doctor and thank God in advance for your healing