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I had sex for the first time a month ago. I used a condom for vaginal intercourse but I briefly gave unprotected oral sex. He never ejaculated in my mouth though. ever since then I've been feeling really sick and I went to the doctor and he said I had white blood cells in my urine. I know HIV is probably the only thing that can cause this but I'm just hoping. the first week i felt like a had a flu and very weak, I tasted metal and I have body aches.


Hi Mikki,

1.  You are unlikely to transmit or receive HIV via ORAL sex.  Saliva does protect you.

2.  Did your partner have HIV/AIDS?  If not, you won't get it.

3.  White blood cells in your urine indicate a URINARY tract infection.  They are VERY common in women after having sex.

Get tested.  Protocol varies but is usually, test at exposure to see if you already had HIV.  Test at 30 days.  Test at 60 days.  If this test is negative it is unlikely you have HIV.  Test at 90 days.  This confirms the prior test.

Good luck.