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I had unprotected sex with a coworker a month ago and started getting a fever, cold sweats and headaches at night. The next couple days i felt rrally cold at work and shakey. along with it i notice white pacthes on my tounge and tonsil. So with that in mind i went to the doctor and he said it was tonsilitis, and prescribed me penicilin v pitassium 500 milligrams. I took it and got better in three to five days. Nearing ten days since taking the medication i somtimes feel achy and a little icthy in my genital area. But since then my girlfreind got symptoms like a cold chills. And feeling very tired, and itchy in her vaginal area also having brown discharge since i had unprotected sex with my coworker which was twice. I am worried not only for myself but for my girlfriend as well. She went ti the doctor and was told that it was a bladder infection witch is ironic sinch i may have given her somthing and im assuming it is somthing much worst. So i told her to get blood work done and a paps smear and we are still waiting on the results.i am hoping thats its anything but h.i.v or anything non-cureable. I am going back to get blood works. Could this possibly be anything other then h.i.v.? I know symptoms are very similar to that of h.i.v. but just hoping it is. Those were the only two times i had unprotected sex with any one other then my girl friend in ths past 8 months.any help?please.


Hi Guest,

You can still have an STD.  See your doctor and get tested.

No sex with your girlfriend until you are cleared,  That means for HIV too. 

The testing protocol for HIV is:

1.  You get tested at exposure to determine if you already had HIV.

2.  Test at 30 days.

3.  Test at 60 days.  If this test is negative then it is very unlikely you have HIV.

4.  Test at 90 days.  This confirms the finding.

You'll have some explaining to do to your girlfriend as to why you won't have sex with her for three months but it must be done.  You wouldn't want to possibly infect her would you?

Good luck.