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have been suffering with protein in my urine for the last 26 years.was told yesterday that i have one kidney.and it is small and leaking protein. i have never had high blood preasure and have five children.never had any problems when pregnant other than protein in urine. and the platelets in my blood were low. my doctor is amazed with all of this.she said she wont do a biopsy on my kidney in fear of damaging it further.she has mentioned some test involving nuclear medicine to see how much scarring is on the kidney.she also told me that generally people who are born with one kidney that it is usually a large kidney.she is also giving me a bllod preassure monitor to wear at home .she is very surprised that i dont suffer with high blood preassure.i have so many questions to askbut my first is what should i expect now.


First, was blood work done? A urine analysis? What were the results? Numbers? Any swelling you notice anywhere (noticeably)? Kidney disease does not have to be caused by blood pressure problems but even if it isn't the cause a kidney being damaged could lead to high blood pressure without you realizing. If your doctor is worried about your kidney function you need to know what your creatinine is and other numbers. What is your protein and phosphorus levels in your blood? Do you have normal urine output? Do you have any itching, shortness of breath, foamy pee?

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