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Hello. I am 5'5 and 280lbs. I want to lose weight and build muscle in the same time. I'd appreciate if more experienced people here could suggest optimal schedule in order to accomplish my goals. I'm basically beginner, don't have any experience. Also, I'd appreciate if you could suggest right nutrition. I tried Atkins diet with 20 carbs or less every day. I'd gladly try better option for my workout plan. Thanks.


Hello. I'd suggest pushups and pullups for the start, as well as planks, like this:

- Pushups (10-15 reps)

- Pullups (I use my doorframe, you can do as many reps as possible)

- Planks (60 seconds)

Start with 2 reps, and then raise to 5 reps all.

Next, you can try incline dumbbell presses. Do squats, they're not just good for your legs, but also for building muscles throughout your entire body. I usually perform weighted leg raises. They're great for abs.

Also, don't forget about cardio workout. It is integral to losing weight as it helps you burn fat and increase your heart rate. Make the cardio workout a part of your routine about 4 days a week.

I like this one:

1. Jump Rope (60 seconds)

2. Burpee (10 reps)

3. Dumbbell Curl-To-Press (15 reps)

Repeat 5 times, rest 60 secs, then again repeat 5 times.

Hope this helps.