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Alright so here's the situation.
I've been with my boyfriend for 2 months, and we started having sex pretty early in our relationship. I wasn't on the pill for the first say..two weeks, but we always used a condom.
I started the pill (again) about two weeks ago, and we've still been using a condom every time we have sex because the clinic i went to said you need to wait a month for the hormones to regulate before its 99.9% effective.

Now last night (sunday night) we had sex twice using condoms, and then once without. we were both a little tipsy, (me more than him) and I probably wouldn't have agreed to not use a condom if i'd been sober.
but well. at the time, it just felt thaat much better without it.
(he didn't take advantage of me being drunk to not use a condom. he kept asking me if I wanted him to put one on)
anyways, he came, but definitly didn't blow a lot in me, because well. we'd already gone twice. lol.

So i'm just wondering...should I be worried? I've only been on the pill for two weeks, but i've taken it within a half hour every day. I'm SO paranoid about getting pregnant, after I had a pregnancy scare with an ex, and I don't want to deal with that again.
I totally trust that he'd support me, but i'm only 17. I do not want a kid, but i'd have a hard time getting an abortion. (I'm very pro-choice, but my parents really don't approve of him, and i think i'd have a hard time making excuses to get an abortion.)
should I go get the morning after pill? I wouldn't be able to get it until tomrrow (tuesday) because the BC clinic I go to is only open Tuesdays/Thursdays. I know the morning after pill is not supposed to be used as a contreceptive, but I don't want to wait 8 days until my periods due to start, and have it not come.. and I won't be able to do anything until I know for sure if i'm pregnant, and than have to deal with an abortion..
i'm freaking out here.
what should I do?
Should I be this worried?
Should I go get the morning after pill?
Can I rely on the pill to do its job, or is it to early for it to work properly?


Hi my name is christina. And im a first ttimr ive never been pregnant im 27 so i need your help i have a regular 32 day cycle my period came on may 24 i ovulate between june 4-9 but ive had unprotected sex with my bf on the 1,2,3,5,6,7,10,11, & 13,14 now im on cycle day 22 and im having cramps in my left uterus i hope this is it.. And im pregnant so what do u guys think?