Hello all,

First things first. I'm stubborn to the core and will fight to the very last tooth and nail until something is resolved. By no means am I starting this thread in desparation or with thoughts of giving up. I'm just seeking a little advice.

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a solid 7 months. She has Bi-Polar disorder type 1. She's been very good about training me on the ins and outs of bi-polar disorder.

I'm a little worried about a few things, however.

She confides in me deeply, openly and honestly. I love that about her. She was on a medication that has made her gain quite a bit of weight. I accept her in any shape she comes in, so that's not an issue. However she was having difficulty waking up for work which really irritates me because she's having problems paying her bills. I've been having to bail her out. She was suffering from night terrors with this medication too, so we finally got her to switch.

She's on a new medication now and I don't know the name of it. She's capable of waking up early now (instead of sleeping in until 11am or noon). and she seems more upbeat and positive. She's been paying more attention to her looks lately, putting on makeup more often for her office job and dressing a little nicer.

Recently she's been having equal difficulty with the medication, just different attributes to the side effects. She's dizzy sometimes, and edgy. Nearly every night for the past couple of days she's had horrible night mares. They seem to be getting worse and worse now, which is weird because when she first started the new meds she slept like a baby.

The new meds she's on not only will get her back to her normal weight, but has a side effect of weight loss (probably from the increased heart rate and edgy feelings). I don't want my baby stressed out. I wouldn't mind the drop in her weight, but it's not a goal of mine. All I really want her to do is get a full night's rest (peacefully) and to have enough energy throughout the day.

She raised a good point about switching the med intake time from night to morning. But what about her halucinations/night terrors?

I'm also a tad worried that she only loves me because I accept her. She told me that she was convinced that no one would ever want her because of her bi-polar disorder. I told she was crazy (bad move! I learned quickly!) and that shes a great catch. I'm not a bad lookin guy, but this girl was a complete knockout when she was in shape. I'm sorta worried what'll happen if she has an episode or goes manic with her new, slim figure.

She claims she's never had an issue controlling her sexuality when manic. Especially when she was in a relationship.

Should I be worried? What do I do about her meds? How can I help her? It seems her and I are always fighting over her constant inability to make it to work. She's gotta be the luckiest girl in the world for her job to allow her such leway...