Well I have been Dating a girl for over a year now and had A LOT of problems. We started dating in January of 08 and had ups and downs. She lies ever once and awile but not a small lie I mean like a big one. Like the one time she telled me that she had a twin that killed herself in front of her. I asked her mom, she said that she didn't have a twin. She also tolled me that she had cancer and her mom tolled me thats not ture. Her mother tolled me she was Bi-polar. I love her so much but I feel like she's lieing to me a lot. I'm not saying that all Bi-polar lie because I have a friend that's mother is Bi-polar and she fun to be around. I know to treat her like a normal girl. Then in January of this year she tolled me she was pregnant. she was but she keep saying it was mine all the time like she was trying to beleive it was mine. Then she mother found out and she tolled my mother. They both talked to each other and they wanted her to have it. Then my girlfriend tolled me her mother didn't want it and she was going for an abortion. Well she did but mother wanted to know if it was ture but there house phone was not on and her mother's cell phone number was a invalied number. My girlfriend tells me that it was nine week and six days old well my friend's mother is a nurse so i asked her to help me out. She tolled me that the date of conseption would of been the week i wasn't here. Well i thought that can't be ture but she huged me and tolled me it was that that would of been the week. So with that and all of this i decided to see what people I don't know have to say because i want people to help me out some. like tell me want i should do.