Hi there,

Over the past month I have had a reoccuring white painful blister in the top of my mouth at the back in front of where my tonsil would be if I hadn't had a tonsilectomy many years ago. Around the base of the blister is red.. It is almost perfectly lined up to the right of my hangy thingy in the back of my throat. It has appeared again tonight for the third time this month.

I don't know if this is the same one or if it is different, but it has been in a consistant area. It is NOT the size of a "lie bump" that you would find on your tongue it is larger than that, but feels kinda the same as far as painful and hard. It was hard to the touch, but when I applied a little preassure it popped. It is painful when my tongue hits it or when I swallow. It is the ONLY bump in my mouth and ever has been other than little "lie bumps" occationally on my tongue.

I have no idea what it is and have looked all over the internet and have not seen anything that looks like it. I have had an ear infection since Christmas and had been on multiple antibiotics, but am currently not on any... If you have a clue please help! I think it would be difficult to be diagnosed by a doctor unless it is there and my next doctors appointment is not until the 2nd week of March.

Thank you so much!

Painfully Swallowing