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For as long as I can remember (I am now 26), I have been getting blisters in my mouth. They occur most often on the inside of my lips, or on the rear corners or sides of the mouth. In my middle teens, I got one on my tonsils for the first time, and since then it's been a semi-regular place for them to occur. Sometime after that, I also started getting them on my tongue, which is difficult, since, depending on the location, it can cause other complications than pain or difficulty swallowing/eating (which the tonsil blisters cause), like a persistant sour taste in my mouth that never goes away until the blister fades.

I don't have the blisters ALL the time...usually they appear one to three at a time, or in sequence over a period of weeks/few months. I can get a break from them for a month or few before I get them again. If it's a repeating condition rather than a chronic one, I'm not sure what could be setting it off. I have a steady diet (if not a particularly healthy one...but I've been eating regularly, with a variety of different, yet the same foods since I was a child...condition persists). It's been occurring through very different environments, so it shouldn't be environmental, and it's not a pet allergy because although my sister and parents have a dogs/cat, I get the blisters regardless of whether I have been exposed to the animals recently.

And mom has told me that my father and his brothers often had the same blisters growing up. I haven't talked to them myself, but that's what she told well as that they all grew out of it in their twenties. Seems odd.

Any ideas for what could be the cause? Nutrition, childhood disease, what? Any help would definitely be appreciated!


So in my family my father and my two brothers and I have pretty much always had these mouth sores. never on the outside of the lips always inside the mouth. There are articles out there on topic. They are not contagious, as my husband and my mom never get them. I've found it helpful to limit acidic foods, ie refined sugars and flours, and switch to a toothpaste w/o sodium laural sulfate(which takes a good month or so to start noticing a difference) And incorporating an apple daily has probably been the biggest help. They usually cycle in 10 days and are also aggravated by sickness(lowered immune system), stress, and in women during menstrual cycles.