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I have been to dental office had three teeth pulled on Tuesday. On Thursday I got something in tooth I use a strong mouth wash to get food out.That night I found blister on BK off my tongue I been Useing salt water its three days now.should I call my Dr.I was on antobotic for week.I have blister on BK of my tongue I a have been able to eat and drank coffee. Thx


Yeah, it definitely sounds like the mouth wash caused a "burn" on your tongue resulting in the blister.  That is a painful situation to have on top of having 3 teeth removed in addition to it!  The blister will have to heal on its own.  It is a good thing that you had antibiotics so that it can heal without infection developing.  Throw the strong mouthwash out and keep using your salt water to wash your mouth out.  Once everything is healed, choose a mouthwash for sensitive people as to prevent any other mouth sores or blisters.  Be diligent on your dental care so that you do not have to have any other teeth pulled.  ;)